New grandstand and mobile roofing for Domplatz
New construction
3,500 sqm

At present the square is exposed to the vagaries of the weather during events and therefore a second, roofed venue (the Großes Festspielhaus) must always be kept available. This alternative venue has 2179 seats, and this figure provides the scale for the present grandstand on Domplatz. But if this location is made independent of the weather conditions a grandstand better suited to the spatial situation on Domplatz and about one-third larger, that is with around 2800 places, can be built, freeing up the alternative venue for other functions.

The appearance of the space used for open-air events is determined by the facade of the cathedral and the dimensions of the buildings that frame the square.

In making a roof for the stage and grandstand area preserving this striking impression is the major consideration.

The envisaged roof is at the height of the first main cornice in the cathedral facade. It is therefore higher than the ensemble of the square and terminates the space at the top but without restricting it.

In plan the extended folding structure corresponds with the outline of the grandstand and stage, it preserves the wonderful impression made by the square, and allows rainwater to run-off in a controlled way.

A transparent foil is stretched over the construction of metal rods with a stainless-steel mesh above it. This  forms a plane with a positive acoustic effect that atomises the rain drops and creates the lighting and sound conditions required for open-air performances.

The folding roof can be guided on rails into a parked position on the western side of the square, opposite the stage, where it can provide shade from the low evening sun.